Patient Access & Eligibility

Improve patient access, automate financial clearance, and offer patient financial services to drive volume, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction.

90 % Approval rate on Medicaid applications via Eligibility & Enrollment Services

All Financial Clearance Solutions


Drive Patient Engagement, Reduce Network Leakage, and Boost Satisfaction with Patient Access Services

Deliver an optimal patient experience by meeting customers’ access needs efficiently.

Our staff maintains 99% call-routing accuracy and < 1 minute speed to answer, and manages appointment scheduling, referrals, eligibility verification, prescription refills, triage, and more.


Help Reduce Denials and Accelerate Reimbursement with Financial Clearance and Registration-Accuracy Solutions

Streamline eligibility verification and help increase registration accuracy with broad payer connectivity and innovative solutions.

Our solutions flag services that are not covered and identify registration errors in real time, so staff can verify information with patients directly, inquire about secondary coverage, generate ABNs, and devise payment plans.


Help Reduce Uncompensated Care and Optimize Reimbursement with Coverage Identification

Minimize the risk of bad debt and improve the patient experience by identifying coverage and financial assistance for your patients.

Our highly specialized teams and innovative technology uncover funding sources, help patients enroll, and optimize reimbursement.

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