Patient Access Center Services

An outsourced medical call center for large physician groups, hospitals, and health systems that want to create an exceptional patient experience that helps drives volume, reduces leakage, and improves patient satisfaction.


Expertise and advanced technology deliver results

Use our flexible model to access the support you need

We offer multiple levels of support, including for a single department, overflow services for multiple departments/practices, peak-time support, and comprehensive management. We can also scale to meet your evolving needs.

Engage patients quickly to capture volume

Help reduce abandonment rates by speeding up response time (<1 minute) and increasing call routing accuracy (>99%). 

Secure timely appointments

Deliver stellar customer service by gaining visibility into schedules, both within and across multiple practices and ancillary services, and by leveraging an electronic wait list.

Mitigate leakage

Help reduce cancellations, rescheduling, patient complaints, and no-shows by using proactive, omni-channel communications.

Optimize financial clearance

Help reduce denials by using automated, real-time eligibility verification and preauthorization via an expansive network of payers.

Reduce operational costs

Help reduce costs by eliminating the need for facility space, continuous staff recruitment and onboarding, and telephony system investments. 

What's included

  • Offer patients an advocate, navigator, and clinical services liaison

    • Versed in patient access services, collections, and customer support
    • Focused on patient acquisition and retention
    • Available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday
    • Relays messages or contacts on-call providers in emergencies
    • Multi-lingual staff enables access to 200+ languages
  • Boost patient acquisition and retention

    • Includes current-state assessment and ongoing analytics
    • Customize with nurse messages/triage, prescription refills, and pre-admission and post-discharge communications
    • Leverages continuously updated call scripts and scheduling protocols
    • Optional assistance with promoting, accessing, and managing your patient portal
    • Helps improve business performance

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