Product and Customer Logins

Revenue Improvement

Claims & Denials Advisor
(formerly Claim Control Center, Claim Master, CM Follow-Up, DDE Plus, Patient Access Master, Payment Manager (ERA Manager / ERA Master), Medicare Manager)

Business Performance Insight
(formerly Practice Focus)

Revenue Performance Advisor
(formerly Emdeon One)

Change Healthcare Office
(formerly Emdeon Office)

Payment Accuracy

Pre-Payment Insight & Review
(formerly Payment Integrity (TC3) Client Portal)

Smart Pay (For Providers)

Point-of-Service Collections, V2
(custom reports created in v1 may not be available in v2)

Point-of-Service Collections, V1
(formerly Emdeon Patient Connect (IXT Solutions))

Patient Statements
(formerly ExpressBill X-Net)

Network Solutions

Change Healthcare Vision
(formerly Emdeon Vision)

Clinical Exchange Communicator
(formerly RelayClinical Care Team Portal, RelayClinical Patient Portal, and RelayHealth Patient Portal)

Clinical Work
(formerly Clinician, ClinicianRx)

Pharmacy Services
(formerly Pharmacy Services)

Pharmacy Network
(formerly Pharmacy Plan Information)

TRICARE® Online Patient Portal Secure Messaging
(formerly known as RelayHealth Secure Messaging, Army Medicine Secure Messaging Service (AMSMS), Air Force MiCare)

Data & Analytics

Revenue Network
(formerly AVS Express)

Risk Manager™
Login for Risk Manager™

Risk Adjustment & Quality Performance

Compliance Reporter™
Login for Compliance Reporter™ and Population Manager™

Risk View™ Medicare
Login for Risk View™ Medicare

Risk View™ Medicaid
Login for Risk View™ Medicaid

Risk View™ Commercial
Login for Risk View™ Commercial

Encounter Complete
Login for Encounter Complete

Edge Complete
Login for Edge Complete

HEDIS Smart™
Login for HEDIS Smart™

Alert Client Portal
Login for Alert Client Portal

My Advocate™
Login for My Advocate™

Dental Network

Dental Connect
(formerly Emdeon Dental Provider Services)

Coverage Discovery Solutions

Coverage Discovery & SSI Advocate Reporting
(formerly ChamberlinEdmonds Client Login)

Application & Imaging Manager
(formerly Emdeon Application & Imaging Manager)