COVID-19 Updates and Resources

Bank teller discussing paperwork with customer at bank counter wearing protective gloves and face mask. Office with acrylic glass partition on desk. Acrylic glass wall - protection against coughs and spitting, protection against viruses.

How We're Helping Communities

Solutions and services leveraging broad capabilities in support of government, public health, education, and corporate organizations' contact tracing and clinical support efforts.

How We’re Helping Payers

Solutions to facilitate fast and accurate payment, reduce administrative pressure, and quickly respond to member concerns while keeping staff safe.

How We’re Helping Providers

Solutions to maintain operational continuity and scalability, rapidly enable remote workforces, meet digital health requirements, optimize workflows, and stabilize revenue now and beyond.

Service Notifications for Customers

The latest products, services, and solutions information for our customers related to Covid-19.

Advisory and Counsel From Our Experts

Important technology and business information drawn from experts within Change Healthcare, our partners, and other leading industry voices.