Leverage innovative technology and expert staff to optimize the middle revenue cycle and drive maximum reimbursement and compliance. 

95 % Coding accuracy standard


Optimize resources using our Clinical Access and Triage Management Services

Route patients to the most clinically appropriate, cost-effective care setting using our expert staff, evidence-based protocols, and clinical decision-support tools.

Our staff leverages technology-enabled workflows to deliver best-in-class services.

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    Clinical Access and Triage Management Services


Deliver appropriate care with Utilization Management Services

Optimize reimbursement and reduce medical-necessity denials using an evidence-based, clinical decision-making tool.

Our services help patients receive quality, cost-effective care while helping you reduce compliance risk.


Provide timely care and reduce denials with the support of Connected Authorization Services

Streamline reimbursement using automated technology that identifies authorization requirements and with expert staff who oversee complex cases and manage follow-up requests for clinical information.

Our staff manages pre-certification and authorization for inpatient and outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic services and can provide concurrent or retrospective inpatient authorizations after admission.


Optimize charge capture with Clinical Documentation Improvement Services

Reduce missing charges and denied claims by improving the quality of clinical documentation.

Our staff performs concurrent or retrospective reviews, identifies gaps in diagnoses and procedures, and provides education and best practices.

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    Clinical Documentation Improvement Services


Optimize revenue and compliance with expert Physician and Hospital Coding Services

Optimize your medical coding accuracy and efficiency with skilled professional coders.

Our staff can augment or fully manage your coding or provide interim assistance during system changes or with backlogs.


Mitigate risk with our Coding Quality and Audit Services

Achieve financial and data-quality goals with quality review programs.

Our services help you mitigate risk by identifying compliance issues, educating staff, and implementing compliance plans that drive continuous quality improvement.


Improve reimbursement and mitigate risk with Charge Capture Compliance Audit Services

Identify missed revenue opportunities with a comprehensive review using a hybrid approach of data analytics and clinical staff.

Our services include claim, documentation, and process reviews that identify under- and over-billing to improve efficiency and revenue.

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    Charge Capture Compliance Audit Services

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