Leverage innovative technology and expert staff to optimize the middle revenue cycle and drive maximum reimbursement and compliance. 

95 % Coding accuracy standard

RevenueIntegrity Solutions

Revenue integrity solutions

Clinical Language Intelligence (CLI)

Our patented Clinical Language Intelligence (CLI)™ engine is equipped with technology that comprehends and prioritizes clinical documentation. It efficiently identifies clinical markers, assigns codes, and detects potential gaps and quality events. With its automated and continuous review capabilities, documentation improvement can now happen alongside patient care.

Revenue integrity solutions

Enterprise Computer Assisted Coding and CDI 3D

The CLI engine powers the shared platform for Optum® Enterprise CAC and CDI 3D. Our integrated solution offers continuous review of 100% of your cases, ensuring comprehensive and precise documentation, coding and reimbursement. The Optum shared platform facilitates seamless communication between coding and CDI teams, enabling swift resolution of complex cases.

Revenue integrity solutions

Optum Professional Computer Assisted Coding

Optum® Professional CAC  harnesses the power of CLI to ensure consistent and compliant professional coding, optimizing operations and capturing accurate revenue. With its Coding Review Module, it verifies the precision of physician-assigned codes, promoting appropriate reimbursement and reducing denials.

Revenue integrity solutions

Optum LYNX Outpatient Charging Applications

Optum® LYNX Outpatient Charge Capture is powered by proprietary algorithms and guided by OPPS guidelines. It streamlines charge capture and code assignment, ensuring consistency throughout the process. With the integrated validation module, visit levels are accurately coded every time. Our platform also provides comprehensive CDI and coding collaboration tools for various health care settings, including emergency departments, clinics, oncology, observation and infusion services.

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Medical Coding and Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Services

Enhance your performance and drive operational success by using our CDI and coding services. Optum solutions are powered by cutting-edge innovative technology and decades of clinical intelligence. Our CDI and coding services are designed to enhance your performance and drive operational success. Our advisory services offer a programmatic approach to addressing potential pitfalls throughout the mid-cycle, helping to proactively prepare your health system to address revenue integrity risks.

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