Government Affairs

At Change Healthcare, we collaborate with policymakers, our customers and industry experts to inspire a better healthcare system and accelerate the journey to value-based healthcare.

Our Policy Priorities 

A Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

With our partners, we accelerate interoperability, helping reduce the time and effort needed to track down patients' medical records, and advance population and public health.

Reducing the Costs of Healthcare. We are committed to helping our customers deliver better care and realize improved outcomes. We help payers and providers process clean claims, improve denial and appeals management, optimize revenue performance, improve payment accuracy, and facilitate value-based care.

Improving Quality Outcomes. Payers, providers, and policymakers alike recognize the importance of the shift to value-based care. Through a combination of analytic tools and care coordination services, we help providers reach their patient populations to improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience, both in-person and virtually.

Key Areas of Policy Expertise

Supporting interoperability

  • Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) principles and FHIR-based APIs
  • Privacy and confidentiality of de-identified health data
  • HIPAA modernization
  • Advanced data access for research

Enabling value-based care

  • Integration of Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) into clinical workflow
  • Standardizing the use of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)
  • Data and analytics supporting quality measurements and value-based payments

Promoting consumer engagement, transparency

  • Consumer access to and engagement with their health data
  • Virtual care through telehealth connectivity
  • Consumer friendly price and quality transparency
  • Cost and quality data translated into actionable information


We actively engage with key organizations at both the federal and state levels who are leading industry efforts to help create a more efficient and collaborative healthcare system.  These organizations include: Healthcare Leadership CouncilConfidentiality CoalitioneHealth Initiative®National Conference of State Legislators, and Future of Privacy Forum.


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Data Rights & Usage

Change Healthcare occupies a unique position in the center of the healthcare ecosystem through our relationships with payers, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, dentists, and laboratories. As a result, we generate data that can be used to improve outcomes and drive cost efficiency in healthcare. Preserving patient and customer trust through responsible data use is one of Change Healthcare’s highest priorities. Aligned with the HIPAA mandate to protect individuals’ Identifiable Patient Data, we are committed to: (1) transparency about collection, use, and disclosure of patient data and (2) rigorous policies and procedures governing how data will be used and shared.

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