Clearance Estimator

An innovative tool for hospitals and health systems that want to share cost estimates with patients prior to care to help improve collections and reduce the risk of bad debt.


Advancedtechnology to support the bottom line

Provide accurate cost estimates to drive upfront collections

Calculate patient out-of-pocket costs using data from payer contracts, physician and facility fees, historical charge data, and the patient’s benefit information. 

Enhance patient satisfaction to drive loyalty

Retain patients by offering cost transparency that helps build trust, enables patients to plan and budget for payments, and helps eliminate surprise billing. 

Engage patients early to help reduce the risk of bad debt

Guide staff in creating accurate cost estimates that incorporate physician fees, outpatient services, and inpatient care, so they can have upfront financial conversations with patients and prompt timely payments. 

What's included

  • Accurate calculation of patient costs

    • Help non-clinical staff identify services a patient is likely to receive
    • Generate cost estimates by modeling your contracts with payers, loading historical inpatient and outpatient procedure charge information, and inputting patient benefit information.
    • Incorporate anticipated physician fees, outpatient services, ambulatory surgery, and inpatient care
  • Help increase collections

    • Offer a written estimate, provided via email or in-person
    • Engage patients in financial discussions prior to care
    • Help eliminate surprise billing


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