Clinical Exchange Orders and Results Self-Service Tool Enhances Enrollment Control


Implementing lab processes can be a complex undertaking, especially when you have limited transparency into the workflow stages. We created a self-service tool (SST) for Clinical Exchange Orders and Results to address these challenges. By providing better control over the implementation process, our SST increases the efficiency of the process and ultimately the productivity of your staff.

In today’s rapidly evolving health care landscape, laboratories play a crucial role in delivering accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. However, the implementation process for lab operations often poses significant challenges, such as complexity and a lack of control and transparency. These issues can hinder efficiency and compromise patient care outcomes. In this article, we will briefly explore how our Orders and Results self-service tool (SST) can help streamline the implementation process, empowering health care organizations with greater control, speed, and transparency into clinical data exchange.

Implementation is almost never easy

Implementing lab processes can be a complex undertaking, involving various stakeholders, intricate workflows, and stringent regulatory requirements. The lack of control over this process often leads to delays, miscommunication, and potential errors. Health care organizations find themselves struggling to gain a comprehensive view of the implementation process and impeding the overall efficiency of their lab operations. Also, many organizations are understaffed or don’t have the time to implement new solutions, which can be an arduous process.

What’s needed to make implementation better?

Efficient implementation processes require a high level of control and transparency. By having a clear understanding of each step, health care professionals can make informed decisions and address potential bottlenecks promptly. Transparency also ensures accountability and promotes collaboration among the involved parties. Yet the current lack of control and transparency in lab implementations undermines these vital aspects.

A self-service tool to enhance efficiency

To address the challenges mentioned earlier, we have developed a Clinical Exchange Orders and Results self-service tool (SST) specifically designed for health care laboratories. Our SST empowers organizations by putting control and transparency at their fingertips. With streamlined workflows and status tracking, health care professionals gain a comprehensive view of the implementation process, enhancing decision-making and fostering collaboration among teams.

SST in action

One example of this in action is when a provider submits a site for enrollment. The provider typically must wait for approval (which varies by lab), implementation setup, testing, training, and go-live. However, the provider has no or limited visibility into any of these steps. With SST, we provide status updates so they can see where everything is within the implementation process. Also, providers are largely unaware until later in the process whether they are missing key pieces of data needed to complete the enrollment setup. This is why we’ve included upfront validation to help alert them of requirements before they even submit the project. This helps to eliminate the frustrating back and forth and bring transparency to clinical data exchange. The implementation of lab processes is often time sensitive, and delays can have severe implications for resource management among staff. Our SST offers a significant advantage by expediting the implementation timeline and taking the burden off all involved parties, allowing everyone to focus on their day-to-day tasks and ultimately serving their customers and patients. By automating and centralizing key tasks, health care organizations can experience faster onboarding, seamless coordination, and reduced errors. The enhanced efficiency can result in improved patient care and increased productivity for health care professionals. Learn more about how SST can help empower your organization with greater control, transparency, and speed by filling out the contact form.

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