Financial Counseling Services

On-site patient financial counseling services for hospitals and health systems that want to educate patients on their financial options to help collect more revenue.

What’s included in Financial Counseling Services

  • Pre-service and point-of-service patient education

    • Get pre-service or point-of-service education or counseling
    • Our benefits advisors handle patient financial conversations
    • We educate patients on their healthcare benefits, financial responsibility, and options
    • Process includes confirming eligibility and insurance verification 
  • Point-of-service financial counseling and collections

    • Get financial counseling when a patient enters the emergency room
    • Counseling is offered when patients are admitted to the hospital or for outpatient procedures
    • Benefits advisors are with you and your patients onsite
    • Advisors are trained to be compliant with state and federal regulations
  • Customize to your organization's needs

    • We support multiple hospital and health system care settings
    • Use our services for inpatient, outpatient, and emergency departments
    • We configure our solution to complement your existing processes and staff
    • Help your team stay focused on other patient access and revenue cycle tasks

Help collect more paymentswith patient financial counseling

Financial Counseling - consultant smiling in meeting

Expert patient financial counselors to address financial responsibility

With specialized focus, our patient financial counseling services handle patient financial conversations before and at the point of service, educating patients on their financial responsibility, payment, and assistance options. We’ll help communicate financial responsibility to patients with onsite specialists. This will enable staff to stay focused on patient access and revenue cycle tasks.

Financial Counseling - patient and consultant talking

Pre-care education to help patients prepare

Before a patient’s scheduled care, our patient financial counseling team helps patients understand their financial responsibility and have initiated payment plans, if needed. Our patient financial counselors reach out to patients at least three days prior to a procedure.

Financial Counseling - consultant smiling in meeting

Full-service financial counseling to help save time

Our patient financial counseling process includes confirming eligibility and insurance verification, identifying coverage sources, communicating financial responsibility, establishing payment plans, and collecting and processing payments. We’ll help establish patient payment plans in accordance with provider policies.

Financial Counseling - healthcare worker smiling at patient

Patient financial counseling to help increase payments and satisfaction

Help collect more patient payments while maintaining patient satisfaction. When using our counseling services, providers often collect more from patients while maintaining patient satisfaction.

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