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7.8 % Shorter hospital stays for patients admitted to hospitals using InterQual® Criteria

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Modernize. Connected, automated, and intelligent Clinical Decision Support.

Clinical decision support solutions

EHR-integrated Clinical Decision Support to drive effective care

CareSelect® empowers you to benchmark, analyze, and guide provider ordering so you can improve appropriateness, comply with key mandates, and facilitate data-centric utilization management that reveals how inappropriate ordering impacts patient outcomes, costs, and reimbursement.



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Clinical decision support solutions

Evidence-based criteria and technology to support appropriate clinical decisions

InterQual® provides actionable, evidence-based clinical intelligence and automated processes that enable you to more effectively support appropriate care, align payers and providers, and optimize resources. Our Clinical Decision Support system—including medical review automation—transforms utilization management to be efficient, proactive, and connected.


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Clinical decision support solutions

Automate the prior authorization process to reduce administrative costs and speed care

Our integrated clinical and connectivity solution helps you automate prior authorizations—including those requiring a medical review—within existing payer and provider workflows to reduce administrative burden, speed response times, improve payer-provider collaboration, and minimize interorganizational friction.


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Clinical decision support solutions

Deliver complex care more effectively and efficiently with a personalized care plan

InterQual Coordinated Care is a cloud-based care planning tool that helps you more efficiently manage complex/high-risk cases and create personalized care plans by leveraging patented blended patient assessments that address common care barriers and merge condition components.


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