Clinical Decision Support

Validate appropriate care with evidence-based criteria to enable clinically appropriate medical utilization and care decisions.

78 % Shorter hospital stays for patients admitted to hospitals using InterQual® Criteria

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Drive effective care with integrated Clinical Decision Support

Align patient care models with evidence-based clinical standards to help reduce care variation and improve ordering appropriateness.

Our solutions rely on objective clinical criteria, EHR and care management system integration, and seamless payer/provider connectivity to provide point-of-order guidance that supports informed decisions.


Help Reduce Denials and Accelerate Reimbursement with Clinical Decision Support Solutions

Make clinically appropriate medical utilization decisions with the help of our evidence-based clinical content. 

Our actionable clinical intelligence, integrated workflows, and automated processes support the delivery of appropriate care, aligning payers and providers and supporting resource utilization.  


Transform utilization management with automated, clinically defensible documentation

Save time with automated prior authorizations and medical reviews.

Improve collaboration by automating the prior authorization process within existing payer and provider workflows. Our solutions utilize InterQual® software to complete accurate medical reviews with clinical values extracted from your EHR for transparent, defensible documentation. 


Drive patient-centric, value-based care decisions at the point of order

Improve order appropriateness to control costs, resource utilization, and downstream reimbursement.

Our solutions provide data-centric clinical decision support tools to help you increase appropriate ordering, comply with federal mandates, and drive high-value care across the enterprise.

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