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An easy-to-use solution for providers and payers who want to support consistent application of third-party content and policies and improve review workflow. 


Structured,interactive guidance to support efficient reviews

Streamline your workflow

Access disparate policies by relying on content from third-party sources converted into a Q&A format and incorporated within your existing InterQual workflow. 

Reduce your administrative burden

Support the consistent and efficient application of medical policies by consolidating content sources and avoiding the need to use or update multiple systems.

Support Medicare alignment

Align your decisions with Medicare NCDs/LCDs and policies by relying on criteria for medical necessity support, quantity and time-frame utilization limits, and non-covered indications and services.

What's included

  • Comprehensive content

    • Medicare Procedures
    • Medicare Durable Medical Equipment
    • Medicare Molecular Diagnostics and Lab
    • Medicare Imaging
    • Medicare Pharmacy
    • Medicare Behavioral Health
    • Third-party content


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