CareSelect® Lab

A cloud-based clinical decision support solution for health systems that establishes a standard of care for lab test utilization to reduce costs, improve care quality, and help financial risk management. 


ImproveLab Test Utilization

  • Adjudicate the appropriateness of every unique lab, pathology, and genetic test order in real time. Guidelines reflect the full spectrum of inpatient test types, utilization variables, and patient-specific scenarios.

  • Reduce unnecessary laboratory testing by integrating 1,800+ evidence-based guidelines, curated by Mayo Clinic physicians. Deliver immediate feedback on test appropriateness within your EHR workflow.

  • Help Improve patient outcomes by steering clinicians to order high-value, appropriate testing that is validated against population models and claims data. The solution also provides generic cost data.  
  • Build an effective lab stewardship program by aggregating reliable ordering data. Establish clinical decision support and care model standardization to help ensure all lab tests are appropriate within the guidelines.

  • Address common areas of misutilization by automatically flagging obsolete tests, confusing test names, unindicated tests, and tests which may be inaccurate due to the patient’s medication. 

  • Compare utilization practices and ordering patterns among providers and across institutions. Identify gaps in care and monitor overall test utilization with robust benchmarking and analytics tools. 

Empower Clinicians to Become Lab Stewards

  • Evidence-Based Guidance in Real Time

    • Access 1,800+ evidence-based guidelines aggregated, curated, and maintained by Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, and laboratory experts and integrated into the EHR at point-of-order entry.
    • Easily select the area of focus most relevant to your needs, as the content is categorized into 12 modules. Content is focused on both community testing and complex/chronic conditions. 
    • Rely on content based on care models from Mayo’s multidisciplinary medical practice. A team of physicians and medical policy managers spend 4,500 hours/year ensuring content is current and reflects industry best practices. 
  • Comprehensive Utilization Metrics and Analytics

    • Identify areas of misutilization and opportunity with benchmarking data. Select which alerts should be activated based upon your organization’s trends and ordering habits. 
    • Compare utilization practices among healthcare providers and across institutions with standardized reports. 
    • Rely on consultation data to provide rich clinical insights to reveal provider ordering patterns. Use analytics to engage clinicians, optimize EHR performance, and improve care quality and lab efficiency.
    • Adjudicate the appropriateness of every unique lab, pathology, and genetic test order in real time from the clinician’s EHR workflow.

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