InterQual® Technology

A variety of access options for providers and payers who want to use InterQual® criteria and streamline the medical review process.

What's included in InterQual Technology

  • Streamline InterQual reviews with Medical Review Service

    • Perform interactive InterQual medical reviews, integrated into your existing UM/CM workflow
    • Use the most current, InterQual cloud-based criteria
    • Share medical reviews electronically between providers and payers
    • Access automatically created medical reviews generated by InterQual AutoReview
  • Safeguard PHI with Anonymous Review

    • Perform interactive InterQual medical reviews in a user-friendly interface that complements the case manager’s workflow
    • Use the most current, InterQual cloud-based criteria
    • Complete reviews without specifying patient data, helping you comply with government DICAP requirements  
  • Conveniently access InterQual criteria

    • Access InterQual criteria from anywhere with convenient mobile access*
    • Get locally-installed, reference-only access with InterQual View*
    • Opt for affordable, cloud-based access with InterQual Online, delivered in a reference-only format with a simple, easy-to-use interface
    • Give network providers an easily navigable, reference-only view with InterQual Transparency

    *included with your license

Technologyoptions to view criteria and streamline medical reviews

Doctor using computer

Interactive InterQual software to streamline the medical review process

Streamline the medical review and prior auth process with the interactive Medical Review Service SaaS solution integrated into your existing UM/CM system. Use our InterQual software to help improve efficiency and accuracy of utilization reviews. Plus, protect sensitive PHI with the Anonymous Review option.

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Convenient access options to meet any need

View InterQual criteria at your desktop or on the go by using our convenient options for affordable, reference-only access with locally-installed, mobile and cloud-based applications.

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A transparency solution to enable payers to share criteria with providers

Use our InterQual software to comply with state regulations and adhere to NCQA guidelines by making your clinical decision-making criteria transparent to providers. InterQual Transparency is an integrated cloud-based solution that provides physicians and members with intuitive, reference-only access to the InterQual criteria within payers’ provider portals.

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