Patient Experience Solutions

Solutions and services to help providers engage with patients throughout their care journey, delivering financial transparency and personalized interactions to increase patient satisfaction and improve revenue.

Empower Patients with Personalized Communications


Our Patient Experience Solutions increase patients’ investment in their own health outcomes by providing intelligent digital interactions and productive counseling services. Our solutions help providers improve patient acquisition, retention, and loyalty; increase patient collections; and improve the patient experience through convenience, customization and multi-channel communications.

Drive patient volume with healthcare e-commerce

Our solutions help providers leverage the national trend for retail healthcare services. Offering a seamless healthcare shopping experience can help you capture new revenue, decrease network leakage, and attract new patients. We provide a digital storefront that allows patients to easily compare, select, and purchase bundled non-emergency procedures and services. Integrated health plan data enables personalized pricing based upon each patient’s specific benefits and deductible balance, eliminating surprise bills. Multiple pre-payment and financing options help increase collections, while reducing your cost to collect. Our solutions also support care compliance, as clinical data triggers prompt automated outreach to at-risk populations in need of testing or other services. We help you encourage patients to make proactive healthcare choices—from the convenience of home.

Solutions that enable digital healthcare shopping

Increase patient satisfaction with price transparency

We help providers improve the patient experience through greater financial transparency and better communication strategies—at and before the point-of-service. Our online portal lets patients compare the cost of clinical services, increasing satisfaction and building consumer trust in your brand. Providers can also implement a true digital shopping experience for patients. Patients can choose procedures, compare prices, schedule, and pay—all on the provider's web site.

Providing patients with out-of-pocket estimates sets expectations and allows them to better manage their healthcare expenses. Our onsite financial counseling team focuses on educating patients to ensure they understand their financial responsibility and payment and assistance options.

Solutions that provide price transparency

Reduce gaps in care with patient-centered services

Our Patient Experience Solutions help you nurture your patient relationships to increase patient satisfaction, reduce gaps in care, and improve your bottom line. Our digital communication platform uses integrated data, personalized communication strategies, and automated messaging aligned with the patient’s care progression to help you offer an outstanding care experience. Our outsourced contact center offers a wide range of services to boost engagement and revenue optimization, including: patient scheduling and financial clearance, referral management, business performance improvement, and clinical and administrative support. By integrating your patients’ clinical and financial experience, our Patient Experience Solutions can help you improve patient loyalty, reduce gaps in care, and increase your recurring revenue potential.Solutions that improve collections:

Solutions that boost patient engagement

What Do Healthcare Consumers Really Want?


Delivering on an outstanding consumer experience is fast becoming the healthcare industry's key differentiator. Explore our insights into the healthcare consumer experience.

Differentiate Your Business with Continuous Engagement Across the Care Continuum

Patient Loyalty

Enhanced patient satisfaction and engagement

For your patients, every step of the care journey is meaningful. From the moment a patient first searches for a care provider, you have an opportunity to provide an exceptional patient experience that differentiates your business in the marketplace. We use integrated data, personalized communication, and automated messaging to create a continuous engagement cycle that helps you attract and retain patients.

From scheduling and registration to billing and collections, we help you deliver an optimal patient experience at every stage of the patient journey. Shoppable procedures, digital patient reminders, synchronized messaging, and personalized follow-up help your organization improve patient retention and develop a reputation for fast, convenient, consumer-centric care. Our solutions alleviate long wait times for scheduling services, registration, and billing assistance, putting patients at ease.

Better Care Outcomes

Personalized Communications for Improved Patient Care

Our solutions improve the quality of care you provide with intelligent messaging, follow-up care management, and disease management programs. We provide services such as automated notifications of incidental findings, appointment scheduling reminders for both patients and providers, and pre-admission and post-discharge communications to increase medication adherence. Our call center services provide your patients with 24/7 access to clinical and administrative support. Our scheduling and referral management programs help enhance physician utilization by connecting patients with the right provider at the right time.

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