Patient Billing & Statements

A  billing solution for providers who want to expedite patient collections by delivering easy-to-understand statements efficiently and quickly. 


Customizedstatements and delivery to expedite collections

Patient billing statements

Customize statements to help improve collections

Research-driven statements that incorporate design thinking engage multiple target demographics to help increase collections. 

Patient billing statements

Meet patient expectations to accelerate payments

Offer digital notifications and statements in addition to print statements to prompt a faster response. 

Patient billing statements

Lower your inbound customer-service calls

Easy-to-understand statements with multiple payment options help reduce phone calls. 

Patient billing statements

Facilitate faster processing and delivery

Help reduce costs and improve the efficiency of your mailing and returned-mail processes with advanced billing technology.

What's included

  • Clear, concise patient statements

    • Drive more patient payments with personalized statements that use design thinking, customer research, and Patient Friendly Billing®1 guidelines 1 Healthcare Financial Management Association is owner of this registered trademark.
    • Accelerate patient payments with accurate, easy-to-understand print and digital statements
    • Send statements quickly and efficiently to get paid sooner
  • Digital communications and statements

    • Help facilitate prompt payments by sending electronic payment reminders with links to billing statements, via email or text
    • Encourage faster payments by leveraging digital statements
    • Help reduce or eliminate postage expenses 
  • Simplified mailing processes

    • Eliminate time-consuming folding, stuffing, and stamping by letting us print and mail custom, four-color patient statements for you
    • Leverage our advanced statement and invoice processing, eliminating the need to maintain a large inventory of mailing materials
    • Obtain postage discounts and faster processing and delivery with our certified USPS Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS)
  • Advanced billing technology

    • Get patient statements to the right recipient, so you can get paid faster, with our Address Cleansing Service
    • Minimize returned-mail handling at your facility with our Return Mail Manager service; we automatically re-mail newly identified addresses for you
    • Reach more patients by letting us process and securely destroy returned mail, perform a skip trace, and re-mail the patient statement when a new address is found


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