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Front End Accelerator

Front End Accelerator is a patient engagement solution that combines patient access and financial clearance services with innovative patient engagement technology and empowers the patient to direct the entry point of their journey. Work in your existing systems or leverage our in-house technologies.


What’s included in Front End Accelerator

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    Patient Engagement

    • Streamline patient outreach and referral management
    • Keep patients engaged with communications
    • Digital registration and signatures
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    Patient Access Center Services

    • Outsourced or overflow call center
    • 24/7 Monday through Friday services
    • Comprehensive high-volume call support
    • Clinical access and nurse triage
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    Financial Clearance Services

    • Eligibility and enrollment services
    • Third-Party coverage

Holisticfront-end revenue and patient engagement solution

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Deliver proven, measurable results to help improve the revenue cycle

Get access, financial clearance, and patient engagement solutions that help improve overall front-end revenue cycle efficiency and financial performance through a patient journey that is responsive to patient needs and effective for your bottom line. Help reduce uncompensated care and improve pre-service collections with our expansive, effective solutions.

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Patient-focused solutions to help increase satisfaction and retention

Our omnichannel patient engagement solution empowers patients to choose the entry point for their journeys, whether digitally, by phone, or in person. Now you can offer digital patient engagement and help improve efficiency without perpetual IT investments by outsourcing support.

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Patient engagement solutions to help reduce call times and patient leakage

Help reduce downstream denials by helping to ensure that everything is correct at the front end. In turn, this helps reduce call wait times and abandonment rates to help prevent patient leakage. Plus, you can choose to outsource support services to meet your specific support needs.

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