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Use best-practice communications and an innovative payment solution to drive member and provider engagement and satisfaction.  

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Consumer payments and communication services

Simplify provider payment settlements

Settlement Advocate is designed to help payers simplify their healthcare payment systems. By consolidating payments and reconciliation across all payment types and having all funding sources in a single system, payers can eliminate unnecessary costs and work related to provider settlements.

Increasing electronic payment adoption can help payers drive down print payment-related costs. This solution encourages electronic payment adoption by making it simple for providers to set and store their preferred payment methods.


Consumer payments and communication services

Streamline your payment workflow

By enrolling to receive electronic payments, providers can expedite claims attachment submissions as well as payer and patient payments. National Payments Connector™ is a single digital solution for providers who want to streamline their healthcare payment systems via one simple portal.

Efficient, automated processes eliminate the need for paper handling, follow-up calls, and postage. Compliance support helps ensure you’re meeting each payers’ unique requirements when submitting claims attachments via the online portal. 


Consumer payments and communication services

Customized statements to expedite collections

Delivering easy-to-understand statements efficiently can help providers increase patient satisfaction and expedite collections within healthcare payment systems. The Patient Billing & Statements solution uses research-driven statements to better engage select target demographics, helping to increase engagement and collections.

By offering digital notifications and statements to patients who prefer them, providers can prompt a faster response. Additionally, providing simpler statements with multiple payment options can help lower customer service calls. Using our advanced billing technology, providers can facilitate faster mail processing and delivery. 


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