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Physician Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing services for physician and non-hospital emergency management services who want help maximizing cash flow, increasing speed to payment, and containing costs at a faster rate.

Specialty-focused RCM services

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    Anesthesia Practice Revenue Cycle Management

    • Improve payer reimbursement.
    • Strengthen your group’s financial performance.
    • Comprehensive reporting can improve performance and cut costs. 
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    Emergency Medicine Practice Revenue Cycle Management

    • Support a practice’s ability to grow.
    • Optimize financial performance.
    • Comprehensive reporting can improve performance and cut costs.
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    Fire and Emergency Medical Services Billing Services

    • Identify undisclosed or unknown coverage for self-pay patients.
    • Increase speed to payment and accuracy of claims.
    • Comprehensive reporting can improve performance and cut costs.
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    Independent and Hospital-owned Laboratories Billing Services

    • Support a lab’s ability to grow.
    • Add profitable service sites to your portfolio.
    • Our AI provides speed and accuracy to help support cash flow.
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    Multispecialty Practices Revenue Cycle Management

    • RCM expertise in more than 20 specialties.
    • Get EHR integration to meet your billing needs.
    • We support multispecialty practices as they scale and grow.
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    Pathology Practice Revenue Cycle Management

    • Cover staffing needs at greater ease.
    • Increase speed to payment and accuracy of claims.
    • Reduce denials and improve the appeal process.
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    Radiology Practice Revenue Cycle Management

    • Our AI provides speed and accuracy to help support cash flow. 
    • Identify undisclosed or unknown coverage for self-pay patients.
    • Improve payer reimbursement. 
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    Telehealth and Virtual Care Revenue Cycle Management

    • Help increase speed to payment.
    • Get resources to support growth.
    • Comprehensive reporting to help improve financial performance.

Expertiseand advanced technology to help drive efficiency and revenue

Holistic technology-enabled services for physicians and EMS providers

Partner with our RCM experts to provide the appropriate combination of technology and skilled expertise with ease and affordability to drive optimal results. We focus on people, processes, and technology for an end-to-end solution. Our RCM for physician practices and non-hospitals consists of revenue integrity, billing and A/R follow-up, denials management, payment reconciliation, reporting, and physician group management services.

RCM for physician practices and EMS providers that delivers speed and accuracy

Help maximize cash flow, increase speed to payment, and contain costs at a faster rate with a partner at the center of the healthcare system. Our AI-infused workflow helps us target claims based on payer success rates. Outsourcing RCM for physician practices services helps providers optimize reimbursement and mitigate regulatory risk. This helps our partners improve financial performance through decreased denials, reduced bad debt, and cost containment. 

Partnering together to inspire a better healthcare system

We build collaborative, long-term relationships with our customers to develop solutions for their specific needs and achieve results. When partnering with us, you’ll be paired with a dedicated client manager with extensive specialty RCM expertise to provide nuanced guidance tailored to your precise needs. 

Gain insights to help improve the health of your current revenue cycle

Using a proprietary tool, our revenue cycle experts use standard data elements to quickly determine the financial health of your organization and offer insights to help improve your performance. Our no-fee revenue cycle analysis also demonstrates how your practice compares to similar organizations. Schedule an RCM health check. This feature is available for single-specialty practices only.


Physician Group Management Services for independent physicians

Our Physician Group Management Services help facility-based independent physicians grow their practice, minimize administrative burden, and create more time for patient care. Our tenured consultants have a unique understanding of how independent practices work, their challenges, and how to perform optimally. Strengthen your group’s financial performance with a strategic payer-contracting strategy. Plus, we can help advise on compensation and benefits packages to help ensure group retention and successful recruitment.

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