Revenue Cycle Management Services for Pathology Practices

Revenue cycle management services for pathologists who want to reduce ineffective touches, increase speed-to-payment, and maximize cash flow.

What’s included in RCM Services for Pathology Practices

  • Revenue integrity

    • Charge reconciliation
    • Coding
    • Documentation audit
  • Billing and A/R follow-up

    • Insurance verification, authorization management, and enrollment
    • Eligibility and coverage discovery
    • Claim creation and submission via clearinghouse
    • Delinquent claim management and resubmission
    • Under/over payment and payer contract monitoring
    • Credit balance management
    • Patient-friendly statements
    • Balance transfer
  • Denials management

    • Denial root cause analysis
    • Appeals management
    • Remittance monitoring
    • Clinical documentation support
  • Payment reconciliation

    • Lockbox
    • Payment management (for insurers and patients)
    • Digital patient engagement
    • Financial call center
  • Reporting

    • Monthly deliverables with executive summary
    • Standard and ad hoc reporting
    • Self-service analytics
  • Physician group management services

    • Practice management
    • Accounting
    • Financial management

RCM for pathology practicesfocuses on people, processes, and technology

pathology practice rcm image

Automation to reduce wasted time in the labor force

Our pathology billing services include an automated claims status engine that helps decrease time wasted and allows our RCM operators to place a laser focus on processing claims.

pathology practice rcm image

Labor pools to cover staffing needs with greater ease

It’s hard to find, hire, and train people. We can do this with greater ease than providers can independently, through access to national and global labor pools coupled with our pathology billing services.

pathology practice rcm image

AI to increase speed to payment and accuracy of claims

Our pathology billing services include an industry-leading AI-enabled coding service that can help code claims faster while producing highly accurate results. Our ability to transmit electronically allows accuracy and speed. Plus, we have electronic connections to most payers via the nation’s largest clearinghouse.

pathology practice rcm image

A claim-editing repository to reduce denials and improve the appeal process

Our pathology billing services offer a robust claim-editing repository that enables operators to submit properly formatted clean claims with all the appropriate clinical support.

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