Independent and Hospital-owned Laboratories Billing Services

Increase cash flow, patient revenue and billing and coding efficiency and compliance with Change Healthcare’s billing, collection and revenue cycle management services for independent and hospital-owned laboratories.


ReduceCosts and Improve Margins with Medical Billing and Coding Services for Independent and Hospital-owned Laboratories

  • Optimize financial performance

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Mitigate risk of non-compliance
  • Transition to value-based care

  • Improve patient satisfaction

  • Gain a competitive advantage

Improve Operations and Transition to Value-Based Care

  • Understand your laboratory revenue cycle like never before

    For 40 years, Change Healthcare has been an industry leader in medical billing and accounts receivable (A/R) management services for hospital-based (outreach) and independent (reference) laboratories. We understand the challenges laboratories face today like data collection and ever-changing reporting requirements, and we have developed one of the industry’s most comprehensive revenue cycle management solutions dedicated solely to helping clients optimize revenues, control costs, mitigate regulatory risks, and differentiate themselves in the market. While Change Healthcare services span multiple medical specialties, we have more than 1,200 employees exclusively servicing our laboratory clients.

    As a leader in laboratory and pathology billing:

    • We service 600+ laboratory and pathology clients, representing 3,800 physicians
    • We have annualized charges of $4.4 billion
    • We process 87+ million laboratory and pathology procedures annually
  • Understand your laboratory revenue cycle like never before continued

    Our suite of laboratory medical billing services enables you to select the level of support your laboratory requires, whether you need help on an ongoing, periodic, or one-time basis.

    Our services include:

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