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Revenue Cycle Management for Physician Practices 

An end-to-end suite of revenue cycle management solutions for physicians who want to overcome staffing shortages, optimize reimbursement from new payment models, and improve patient self-pay collections.


Powerfultechnology and analytics reduce complex RCM tasks and drive efficiency


Automation to drive RCM performance

Streamline each step of the revenue cycle, from enrollment and eligibility to claims submission and A/R follow-up. 


Specialty-specific coding and billing expertise to help alleviate staffing challenges

Improve claims management, reduce denials, and improve collections by outsourcing your revenue cycle to trusted experts. 


Use advanced payment technology to help accelerate collections

Improve patient satisfaction, increase collections, and optimize efficiency by leveraging multiple payment channels and types, including online, phone-pay solutions, credit and debit cards, HSAs, and eChecks. 


Harness advanced analytics to identify undisclosed patient coverages

Help increase revenue and reduce bad debt by quickly detecting available reimbursement sources and identifying accounts mislabeled as self-pay or charity care. 


Deliver easy-to-understand statements to expedite patient collections

Accelerate patient payments by harnessing personalized statements that use design thinking, customer research, and Patient Friendly Billing® guidelines. 

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