Quick Post Advisor

A consolidated payment solution for payers and providers that want to enable simplified electronic payments and remittances, reduce administrative burdens, and minimize payment disruptions.


StreamlinePayment Processes

  • Process more electronic payments. Electronic payments help streamline the reconciliation process across all funding sources.
  • Streamline the payment process and improve efficiencies by signing up to receive ACH payments from many payers, instead of enrolling with each payer individually.
  • Speed your claims reconciliation process with electronic payments. Begin secondary billings for patients up to 11 days earlier, which may positively impact your accounts receivables.
  • Shift your team’s focus from processing time-consuming paper payments to managing electronic payments and remittances. You may be able to free staff for other important work. 
  • Easily accommodate remittances into your revenue billing system. Quick Collect normalizes 835s from multiple payers into a single, standardized 835 for ingestion. 
  • Lower the number of paper payments and reduce the costs you incur from manually processing payments. 

Simplify Receivables to Speed Up Your Workflow

  • Consolidated payments and remittances

    • Quick Post Advisor consolidates and integrates payment delivery from multiple payers, allowing you to receive electronic payments and a single, standardized 835 to help make remittances more manageable.
    • The system lets you sign up once to receive ACH payments from multiple payers instead of working with each payer individually. Our electronic payment process can simplify your workflow and payment flows.
    • Quick Post Advisor integrates feeds with our adjudications partners to extract 835 data from each payer’s central administrative system, providing detailed insight to help speed up your claims reconciliation process.
  • Fast Enrollment for Efficient ePayments

    • Quick Post Advisor manages multiple payment and data connections, providing a single platform that connects to many payer groups requiring individual data/banking connections. The complete list of participating payers continues to grow.
    • Change Healthcare partners with ECHO Health, Inc., to help connect payers, healthcare providers, and patients in a cost-effective manner. This strategic payer partnership helps you process electronic payments more efficiently.
    • Simple implementation process in as little as one to four days. Provide identification numbers and basic corporate information to enroll and activate your account, confirm the initial test deposit, and begin using the service.

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