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RCM for Home Health and Hospice

A suite of home health revenue cycle management solutions for home health and hospice providers who want to reduce complexity and enhance collections through improved eligibility checks and authorizations, simplified workflows, and optimized coding and billing.


Advanced billing servicesthat help home health providers maintain financial stability

rpa home health

Identify undisclosed coverage and optimize reimbursement

Strengthen collections and help reduce denials by harnessing advanced analytics and AI to detect available reimbursement sources.

rpa home health

Simplify complex tasks and drive efficiency across the revenue cycle

Manage each step of the home health revenue cycle, from enrollment to A/R follow-up, via a single, intuitive interface that can help accelerate claims, reduce denials, streamline payer connectivity, and improve reporting.

rpa home health

Automate authorization workflows to reduce denials and bad debt

Reduce losses due to write-offs and enhance staff efficiency by automating medical-necessity checking as part of registration.

rpa home health

Deliver easy-to-understand statements to expedite collections

Meet patient expectations and accelerate payments with research-driven paper and digital statements and electronic notifications.

rpa home health

Prompt faster patient payments

Increase collections, optimize efficiency, and improve patient satisfaction by leveraging a mix of convenient payment types and channels.

rpa home health

Automate and integrate workflows to optimize efficiency

Automate workflows to help prevent denials, facilitate fast reimbursement, and improve efficiency. 

What’s included in RCM for Home Health and Hospice

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    Coverage Insight™

    • Identify undisclosed coverage for self-pay or underinsured
    • Adhere to anti-phishing regulations
    • Detect undisclosed reimbursement sources within 2-24 hours
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    Clearance Patient Access Suite

    • Unlimited insurance eligibility verification checks
    • Streamlined financial clearance workflow
    • Automated screenings and verification
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    Assurance Reimbursement Management™

    • Claim lifecycle visibility
    • Accurate and efficient claims processing
    • Flexible, integrated workflow
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    SmartPay® for Providers

    • Streamline patient payments and integrate with Epic
    • Advanced payment technology
    • Merchant services
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    Patient Billing & Statements

    • Clear, concise patient statements
    • Digital communications
    • Simplified mailing process
    • Advanced billing technology
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    Revenue Performance Advisor

    • Patient insurance eligibility verification
    • Medical billing and claims management
    • Rejections and denials management dashboard
    • Revenue cycle reporting and metrics


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