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Revenue cycle management solutions to help hospitals, health systems, and physician practices improve revenue cycle efficiency and optimize net patient revenue.

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End-to-End Revenue Cycle Solutions


Improve your revenue performance

Healthcare providers are facing escalating complexity in their revenue cycles. Increased regulation, value-based reimbursement, and skyrocketing patient financial responsibilities put substantial pressure on your bottom line.

Workflow inefficiencies add additional challenges as organizations deal with extensive coding requirements, along with the labor-intensive processes required for managing denied claims, underpayments, and delayed reimbursements.

Change Healthcare uses our 40 years of industry expertise to help providers handle these challenges. We have developed proven, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions help you improve efficiency and optimize your net patient revenue.


Optimize the revenue cycle

Our revenue cycle management technologies and services are designed to help you improve cash flow and mitigate workflow inefficiencies. Our financial and administrative network is the largest in the industry, allowing us to offer greater revenue cycle transparency and sophisticated analytics.

Our suite of revenue cycle management solutions helps hospitals, health systems and medical groups:

  • Minimize denials and underpayments
  • Manage claims and remittances
  • Improve patient access and eligibility verification
  • Improve collection of patient payments
  • improve medical coding accuracy and mitigate regulatory risk
  • Manage daily revenue cycle and business operations more effectively


Conquer Financial and Operational Challenges

Denials and Rejections
Reduce write-offs and increase cash flow

Change Healthcare helps providers minimize payment obstacles and optimize staff productivity.

Our technology solutions provide intuitive, exception-based workflows designed to increase claim accuracy before submittal.

Our services help your team with coding and A/R management, relieving the burden of denials and backlogs.

We connect providers electronically to more than 2,100 commercial and governmental payers, improving claims processing in healthcare

Underpayments and Missing Charges
Stop revenue leakage

Missed charges and underpayments can negatively impact your revenue streams and financial stability.

Change Healthcare helps you collect every penny by identifying missing charges in patients’ accounts, both pre- and post-bill.

Advanced machine-learning algorithms prioritize records for auditor review based on maximum impact potential.

We can find more missing charges — up to 1% net revenue.

Risk of Non-Compliance
Improve coding and clinical documentation

We offer facility and professional coding and compliance services covering most specialties, inpatient and outpatient, and virtually any volume needs.

Our experienced coders and support staff help you meet compliance obligations, optimize reimbursement, and streamline operations.

Our compliance experts help you mitigate risk by achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance.

We provide interim Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) leadership, contract/temporary assistance, program development, consulting, and education.

Change Healthcare has more than 1,100 certified coders who provide onsite and remote services across all specialties and care settings.

Increased Self-Pay Patient Balances
Simplify collections on self-pay accounts

Change Healthcare helps you shorten collection cycles on patient balances, offering everything you need to financially clear patients and collect as early in the revenue cycle as possible.

Our tools and services help you get paid before service is provided, reducing A/R days.

We can provide tools for your staff to incorporate into daily workflows, or we can serve as your extended business office.

Our experts help you reduce self-pay receivables, optimize cash flow, and reduce bad debt.

Providers only collect 50-70% of patient balances post-visit.

Source: 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey, the Kaiser Foundation

Maintaining Revenue Cycle Operations
Strengthen revenue cycle health and profitability

Many CFOs are partnering with experts to improve operational efficiencies and financial performance in their accounts receivable management processes.

As an extension of your team, Change Healthcare can provide as much – or as little – help as you need.

Our domain expertise in hospital and physician billing and claims management, combined with our end-to-end revenue cycle management services, technologies and analytics, can help your organization reduce operating costs and accelerate cash flow.

94% of CFOs believe transformed revenue cycle management processes will allow them to become more efficient and positively impact their organization's financial health.

Source: Black Book Market Research 2016 User Survey, “Top Outsourcing Services Vendors, Revenue Cycle Management & Analytics,” September 2016

Managing Physician Groups
Improve practice management and physician satisfaction

Change Healthcare can help employed and independent medical practices reach their maximum potential.

In addition to coding, billing and A/R management services, we can help you refine critical functions such as strategic planning, growth management, medical practice management, operations, clinical care coordination, physician onboarding and integration, and provider network management.

Our expertise spans accounting, payroll processing, banking reconciliation, cash flow monitoring and finance.

As of 2015, 38% of all U.S. physicians are now employed by hospitals and health systems.  

Our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions