Reality Check: Buy Versus Build for Laboratory Decision Support

Reality Check Buy Versus Build for Laboratory Decision Support

This white paper, the second of three developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Laboratories, explores the risk of deploying a homegrown (vs. third-party) decision support solution. Using evidence-based guidelines to manage test utilization for the hospital laboratory can result in better, more cost-effective care.

  • Organizations must think critically and move carefully before initiating any decision-support projects, including those for laboratory systems.
  • Laboratory stewardship—or the ability to actively manage testing utilization to improve outcomes and control costs—is essential to success in a value-based environment.
  • The key question is whether the hospital should build the system themselves or look to an external vendor.
  • Without the ability to measure existing utilization across both test type and provider—and to quantify guideline adherence and project costs—the benefit of decision support is limited.

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