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As an industry leader in value-based payments, we deliver market expertise and flexible analytic platforms to help payers and providers accelerate their transition to value-based reimbursement.

Better Care Quality, Lower Costs

Successfully transitioning customers from volume to value

Payers and providers alike recognize the shift to value-based care, but most are struggling to make the significant adjustments needed to achieve success.

At Change Healthcare, we help customers successfully navigate the transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement. Leveraging our HealthQx® and Episode Manager analytics platforms, we help those new to value-based reimbursement identify and launch value-based payment initiatives.

Customers already exploring such programs leverage our solutions to more easily scale programs across their service areas. In turn, value-based payment experts rely on us to provide the drill-down analytics they need to help evolve their programs.

Assess, Automate and Expand Value-Based Payment Models

Healthcare market leaders are shifting to alternative care and payment models focused on value. Change Healthcare helps payers succeed in building the payer-provider collaboration necessary to support today’s VBP models.

We utilize machine learning analytics and artificial intelligence to assess which VBP models best address the quality and cost variations within your specific market and provider base.

We then leverage our experience working with the leaders in payment innovation to help you select the right episodes and providers to target for your value-based payment initiatives. We provide guidance to help you successfully engage providers in the transition to value.

Finally, our solutions help you manage the complex tracking and payment process to support both retrospective and prospective payment models.

Secure Analytics to Engage Providers

Identifying VBP Opportunities

Quickly target the right episodes and providers

Analyzing years of claims data to accurately identify episode costs is often challenging. It requires claim coding knowledge and robust analytical tools capable of managing large claim data sets – and this process must be repeated monthly for the life of your value-based payment program.

Change Healthcare simplifies the analysis of episode claims costs, providing fast, accurate, and secure claims analytics to help you easily identify and quantify VBP opportunities to target.

Manage Alternative Payment Models

Reduce administrative costs and improve accuracy

Monitoring alternative payment models is time-consuming and complex. Our HealthQx and Episode Manager solutions help simplify the design and administration of bundled payments, ACOs, and other at-risk arrangements.

Leverage our solutions to establish episode targets, manage episode budgets, and calculate provider payments, reducing the administrative costs and inaccuracies typical in manual value-based payment tracking approaches.

Accelerate Provider Engagement

Leverage analytics to engage VBP providers

Providers are often reluctant to embrace value-based payment programs without evidence that it will provide value to their patients. Our HealthQx and Episode Management solutions provide visual dashboards and drill-down analytics to support provider discussions. Easily compare episode costs by local market providers to highlight care variations which might be resolved by the transition to a value-based payment model.

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