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Information Technology Solutions

Information Technology Solutions is the healthcare IT infrastructure and platform solution set for customers that need enhanced performance, security and extensibility of their imaging enterprise.


OurHealthcare IT Strategies Help Improve Performance & Data Security

  • Plan, design, and integrate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solutions to minimize the impact of disruptions (i.e., natural disaster, security breach) to clinical operations and patient care.

  • Meet the growing data storage demands of enhanced imaging and EMR data volumes and secure reliable built-in data protection with Hosted Storage.
  • Simplify access to enterprise imaging data through consolidation. By investing in hosted enterprise storage and consolidating disparate PACS, costs can be reduced, physician experience improved and patient care processes enhanced.

  • Conduct large scale, rapid data migrations with little or no down time.

Build a Backbone of Business Performance and Security

  • IT security & risk management

    • Ensure the smooth and critical operations of your imaging business with a robust, secure infrastructure.
    • Prepare and scale to meet the challenges posed by new modalities and security threats.
    • Facilitate the efficient and secure transmission of images and patient data.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning

    • Evaluate and enhance the resiliency of your healthcare enterprise to help prepare you for unplanned downtime that may result from a natural disaster, security breach or hardware failure.
    • Ensure that an organization can continue to operate its critical business functions, namely the continuous delivery of patient care, in the event of a disruption.
    • Implement a set of pre-established policies and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a major disruption.
  • Hosted storage

    • Safeguard your data from corruption and loss even as data volumes grow, reducing the cost and complexity of disaster recovery and archiving cost effectively.
    • Provide reliable built-in data protection that supports the accessibility and long-term preservation of your data.
    • Remove the burden of managing storage by minimizing distractions so that you can focus on day-to-day business operations and patient care.

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