Imaging Data Integration and Migration

Medical imaging data migration service for hospitals and health systems in which experts build, extract, translate, test, and load data to custom specifications, alleviating the burden on internal staff.


SpeedClinical Data Migration

  • Determine what data must be migrated by carefully reviewing key criteria, including clinical relevance, workflow, infrastructure risk, and policy.

  • Maintain data integrity and accuracy throughout the entire data migration.
  • Normalize migrated data to pre-established standards for clinical use, including proprietary and non-DICOM formats.

  • Help reduce timelines and operational impact of clinical data migration process with experienced data migration professionals.

Three Options to Address Your Clinical Data Management Needs

  • Essential

    • Fulfills your basic image migration needs and includes essential professional services limited to data migration activity. 
  • Professional

    • Meets the majority of common image and data migration needs with comprehensive professional services and data alignment.
  • Premium

    • Address all of your DICOM Images and associated Clinical reports migration needs with complete Professional Services that respond to all related data alignment requirements.  

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