Intelligent Data Moves

A service that helps imaging leaders enable reliable medical data migration for diagnostic imaging system upgrades or replacements.


MigrateImaging Data Intelligently

  • Thoughtfully move complex data sets to ensure legacy information is easily accessible in a new or upgraded system 

  • Prioritize and optimize legacy system data to migrate to the new system 

  • Align data storage procedures to optimize the new or upgraded system’s functionality 
  • Maintain data integrity and confidentiality during the move 

  • Increase confidence in the new system by having the most recent and relevant images readily available

Use Storage Infrastructure Effectively

  • Efficiently move the most recent and relevant clinical data

    • Uses well-defined processes and clearly defined SLAs to minimize downtime during the data transfer.
    • Leverages Change Healthcare’s market and technical expertise and flexible software tools to optimize existing storage infrastructure for clinical use.
  • Maximize Data Storage ROI

    • Rebalances existing storage to limit the need to move to a new storage platform.
    • Offers lower upfront costs as compared to other industry data migration services.
  • Help Ensure Data Security and Integrity

    • Validates data using a proprietary application layer to maintain personal health information (PHI) integrity and confidentiality.
    • Minimizes data loss compared to Bit Layer Data Move (BLDM) industry standards. Application moves data in real time while system is operational.
    • Safely retires legacy short-term storage once data migration is complete.

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