Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

A medical imaging analytics solution for providers that synthesizes data from multiple sources to enable data-driven decisions that mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and limit care variability.


IdentifyImaging Data Insights

  • Improve imaging data quality, accessibility, and use to help increase revenue, reduce risk, and decrease cost.

  • Drive process optimization and performance improvement to streamline operations.

  • Gain clear insight into the current state of the imaging department to improve care quality and patient outcomes.
  • Justify investments and monitor ROI to ensure investments deliver on expected value.

  • Break down data silos to ease data reporting, improve efficiency, and reduce error.

  • Limit multiple imaging applications and reporting interfaces that complicate data sharing and restrict visibility into performance quality metrics.

Turn Untapped Data Insights into Action

  • Strategic Financial Positioning

    • Increases accuracy and accessibility of financial and performance metrics.
    • Reduces reliance on the IT department for data reporting, freeing IT staff to focus on mission-critical tasks.
    • Offers greater visibility into modality utilization, which enables data-driven assessments for capital investments.
  • Customizable Data Collection and Display

    • Provides a clear view of performance at the enterprise, site-specific, and department level.
    • Enables rapid problem identification and root cause analysis through advanced visualizations and intuitive analytics workflows, reducing data complexity.
  • Data-Driven Clinical Operations

    • Delivers data insights that allow staff to maximize capacity without increasing headcount.
    • Optimizes exam scheduling and the overall patient journey. 
    • Improves sub-specialty utilization to better match patient needs with staff expertise and acuity. 

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