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A communications solution for providers who want to expedite patient payment collections by delivering clear and concise statements to patients quickly and efficiently.

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Expedite Patient Collections


Deliver prompt and accurate patient statements to help expedite payments.


Lower your inbound customer service calls by sending accurate and concise financial statements.


Drive your customers to make payments by sending them clear and concise statements that are easy to understand.


Apply technology to lower your costs and to improve the efficiency of your mailing and returned mail processes.


Increase customer satisfaction and improve the patient billing experience with personalized print and digital statements.


Help receive payments faster and lower your third-party collection costs and decrease your risk of bad debt.

Deliver Effective Patient Billing Communications


Clear, concise statements

  • Statements delivered to your patients are sent quickly and efficiently to help you get paid sooner.
  • Personalized statements incorporate an intuitive design with customer research that follows the guidelines of Patient Friendly Billing® to achieve effective communications that drive customers to make payments.
  • Our print and digital statements are accurate and easy to understand to help drive quicker patient payments. Statements integrate easily with our consumer payments solutions to further enhance the speed of patient collections.

Simplified mailing processes

  • Apply mailing technology to decrease your undeliverable mail, which saves money and increases your patient collections.
  • The Patient Billing and Statements solution provides advanced statement and invoice processing to eliminate the need to maintain a large inventory of mailing materials.
  • Our high-volume processing sites have USPS® national account status to reduce mail delivery time and minimize turnaround time.

Advanced technology

  • Our Address Cleansing Service uses USPS® NCOALINK technology to speed up the mail forwarding process. This gets patient statements to the right recipient sooner, so you can get paid faster.
  • Return Mail Manager eliminates return mail handling at your facility. We automatically re-mail newly identified addresses to decrease the time it takes to make a second attempt at communicating financial responsibility to a patient.
  • Reach more patients by letting us process and securely destroy returned mail, perform a skip trace, and re-mail the patient statement when a new address is found.

Providing Measurable Value

  • 46M

    statements mailed per month

  • 560M

    statements mailed per year

  • 140M

    patients receive print statements

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