Business Office Outsourcing

A customizable revenue management solution for providers that want to access expert resources and technology to help expedite cash flow, maximize reimbursement and collections, and reduce expenses.


LeverageOur Back Office Outsourcing Services

  • Expedite cash flow and optimize revenue via our knowledgeable, experienced staff and advanced technology 
  • Gain efficiencies that enable you to reallocate financial resources from revenue management to clinical operations
  • Leverage staff with expertise in specific areas, such as third-party liability, and in specialty markets, e.g., CA Medi-Cal
  • Customize our services to meet your needs, from augmenting staff in specific areas to filling in gaps during times of high volume, to completely outsourcing back office functions
  • Rely on the consistency and security of a remote work force, especially crucial when your staff can’t be on-site
  • Lower your cost to collect and benefit from a payment-contingency model where we succeed together

Engage Our Expertise to Drive Efficiency and Performance

  • Optimize Revenue and Cash Flow

    • We review and trend open A/R, bulking similar items to more quickly resolve balances, and identifying opportunities to reduce DNFB. 
    • We also trend denials, underpayments, and other “problem” claims and perform root-cause analyses to drive improvements, such as a higher clean-claims rate.
    • Staff with expertise in specific areas (such as third-party liability and patient responsibility) and specialty markets (such as CA Medi-Cal) leverage their skills to resolve A/R. We can also hone-in on specific challenges, such as aged A/R.

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