Optimize Calls, Scheduling with Patient Access Solution


Discover how a health system streamlined its provider patient scheduling and strengthened customer service to manage more than 65,000 patient calls monthly. 

Einstein Healthcare Network is a 1000-bed regional health system serving patients in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The organization employs 700 physicians and advanced-practice clinicians, who deliver care at approximately 100 sites.

Several years ago, Einstein began looking for a patient-access partner that could work collaboratively with internal access staff to bolster patient scheduling and communications.

In this case study, learn why Einstein selected Change Healthcare’s Patient Access Center Services to provide consistently high-quality scheduling and call services for about 65,000 calls monthly.

Since Change Healthcare began supporting Einstein’s patient-access needs and call services, the system has maintained a 99% accuracy rating in scheduling, a 98% quality rating, and a call-abandonment rate of less than 5%. Between January and April 2021, more than 255,000 calls were handled. 

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