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Customized healthcare data management solutions for providers that want to streamline integration and data governance for improved operations.


ImproveClinical Data Management to Boost Productivity

  • Perform data migrations that maintain the accuracy and integrity of your imaging data, reports, and associated data.

  • Maximize the return on storage investments by targeting and moving only the most recent and relevant patient data.

  • Normalize migrated data for clinical use and increased confidence.
  • Reduce timelines and operational impact of data migrations by working with an experienced team.

  • Leverage our in-house expertise to build, extract, translate, test, and load data to your specifications.

  • Build a custom solution based on your needs by working with our team to identify, assess, and scope a plan tailored to your clinical data.

Comprehensive Healthcare Data Management

  • Accurate clinical data migrations

    • Reduce extensive timelines and operational impact with our Data Migration Services.
    • Achieve successful migrations and consulting services support with our experienced and reliable data migration teams.
    • Rely on our thorough understanding of industry clinical applications and our ability to manage all types of media and proprietary files.
  • Needs-based service packages

    • Select the Essential package for basic image migration needs with essential professional services limited to data migrations.
    • Pick the Professional package to cover the majority of common image and data migration needs with comprehensive professional services included and data alignment needs addressed.
    • Choose the Premium package for all image and data migration needs with complete professional services included for all data alignment requirements.
  • Intelligent data moves

    • Work with a team that understands that patient health data must be treated with the utmost care to ensure its integrity during a data move.
    • Utilize our complete Intelligent Data Move Services, a toolkit which incorporates industry proven methodologies, services, and software to make the process as efficient and straightforward as possible.
    • Migrate all your diagnostic imaging data to a single solution to ease administration and realize cost savings.

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