COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets

An online COVID-19 data set for healthcare organizations that provides comprehensive, geographically detailed, and continuously updated indicators of pandemic activity at the community level.

Understandthe impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets - businesswoman analyzing data

Use de-identified data to better understand pandemic impact

Access de-identified COVID-19 claims to present a more complete, multi-dimensional view of the pandemic and its impact. Use de-identified healthcare COVID-19 data sets and contractually permissioned data in strict compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets - businesswoman analyzing data

Timely and dynamic data to provide greater understanding

Move beyond static test and diagnosis reports into a dynamic data set that gives you an understanding of disease progression, intervention effectiveness, and healthcare system impacts. Data timeliness is critical and our COVID-19 reports are always generated with current COVID-19 data sets. On average, 50% of claims are warehoused and available within one week of treatment date, and 85% of claims are available within one month.

COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets - businessmen looking at tablet discussing data

Identify trends to improve patient treatment with COVID-19 data sets

Help improve patient treatment by identifying pandemic trends and patterns within individual communities via robust reports or within a hosted Data Science as a Service environment. Analyze statistically meaningful COVID-19 data sets that provides actionable insight.

What’s Included in COVID-19 Analytic Data Sets

  • Unparalleled Data Breadth

    • Data extends beyond your organization for comparative analyses spanning claims, tests, diagnosis codes, and remittances
    • Data depth includes 1.2 – 1.3 billion medical claims, 750 million pharmacy claims, and 80 million lab orders and results
    • Data includes history on more than 220 million unique patients dating back to 2012
  • Comprehensive, Robust COVID-19 Reports

    • Include explicit COVID-19 and respiratory management claims, tests, and diagnosis codes
    • Explore the impact of COVID-19 across communities
    • Uncover disparities in treatment, access, and outcomes.
    • East to comprehend and can be customized to accommodate your needs
  • Actionable Analytics for Strategic Insights

    • Analyze disparities of care within individual communities
    • Uncover opportunities to address treatment challenges
    • Perform analytics to predict disease progress in patients and populations

Providing Measurable Value

Card Background

academic and industry collaborators tracking the progression of COVID-19

Card Background

million COVID-19 cases nationwide*

Card Background

trillion healthcare claims 

Important: Source: Johns Hopkins University and Medicine Coronavirus Research Center.


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