Data Science as a Service

A secure, hosted environment for payers, TPAs, and providers to build healthcare data science analytics using de-identified data from claims and other datasets with real-time regulatory compliance monitoring. 


What's included in Data Science as a Service

  • A unique, custom environment

    • Combine multiple pre-selected datasets in a secure, hosted environment just for your organization
    • Deploy advanced analytics and develop new models with near-real time compliance
    • Integrate compliant healthcare analytics with any other system, including Change Healthcare networks
    • Use a variety of statistical, visualization, and querying tools for data analysis
  • High-priority use cases for payers, TPAs, and providers

    • Explore the intersection of health economics and social determinants of health data
    • Create more effective value-based reimbursement programs using your own HEOR and RWE data
    • Assess patient adherence, predict lapse rates, and test countermeasures for diverse populations
    • Improve marketing impact by connecting ad logs and promotion history to changes in patient or provider behavior
    • Support efficient drug launches by assessing claims processing and patient access to eliminate authorization and payment obstacles

6features to enable timely insights

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Valuable insights to improve care

Leverage healthcare data science based on comprehensive, timely national healthcare data comprised of billions of deidentified healthcare events, including diagnosis, procedures, and prescriptions.

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Integrate diverse new data

Determine how ethnicity, health literacy, and other factors impact your RWE/HEOR measures by analyzing new data, such as social determinants of health.

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Discover unprecedented insights

Make powerful connections by enabling granular views across geography, care settings, therapeutic areas, and reimbursement models based on our healthcare data science platform.

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Develop unique analytic solutions

Improve your value-based reimbursement initiatives, launch new drugs, or determine patient adherence and compliance rates for diverse populations by creating new analytic models. 

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Improve predictive power

Generate comprehensive insights with our healthcare data science platform by increasing analytic depth and timeliness, especially when new or diverse data is required or when compliance review is manual.

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Help support regulatory compliance

Enforce and help support data usage compliance by relying on our persistent, automatic monitoring of all activity within our healthcare data science platform, including deidentified data requirements.

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