Fair Market Value

A solution for payers, providers, and care management and analytics firms that helps easily determine the fair market value in healthcare for the industry’s most common, shoppable healthcare procedures, including evidence-based cost payment averages.


What’s Included in Fair Market Value

  • Targeted claims-based pricing benchmarks

    • Receive charged, allowed, and paid amount statistics
    • Categorize by procedures and geography
    • Access multiple time periods 
  • Comprehensive and timely national healthcare data

    • Leverage tens of billions of deidentified healthcare events  
    • Get insights from transactions leading to paid claims
    • Benefit from quarterly-refreshed data sets
  • Aggregated statistics based on real-world claims evidence

    • Access web-based business intelligence tool
    • Download data sets easily and quickly
    • Integrate seamlessly with DSaaS

A real-world,evidence-based view of healthcare pricing

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Data analytics to understand healthcare pricing dynamics

Know pricing trends, identify market movements in pricing, and understand positioning in order to set and optimize pricing for healthcare services. 

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Drive business intelligence with easily exportable data

Fair Market Value consists of a downloadable data set featuring multiple time periods and an interactive web-based business intelligence and visualization tool. This helps make it easy for organizations to find and determine what the market is charging and paying for common healthcare activities, ultimately helping to improve financial and clinical outcomes.

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Use low-latency real-world data to drive advanced analytics

Analytics organizations and care management firms without access to real-world pricing data or benefits schedules can leverage Fair Market Value’s core data asset for modeling, analytics, and reporting activities to develop pricing based on powerful market intelligence.

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