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Revenue Performance Advisor

End-to-end revenue cycle management software solution for physician practices, labs, home health, medical billing services and other providers wanting to simplify workflows, reduce denials, optimize revenue, and improve patient engagement.

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An End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Solution


Spend more time with patients and less time chasing revenue. Revenue Performance Advisor helps streamline workflows, facilitate faster payment, and enhance patient satisfaction.


Submit, track, and manage claims easier. Claims are validated and scrubbed before submission, helping to reduce errors and rejections. We have a first-pass clean claims rate of 99%.


Reduce time on the phone with payers verifying eligibility and benefits coverage. Our nationwide connectivity with thousands of payers helps simplify and automate the entire process.


Optimize cash flow by simplifying rejections and denials management. Perform real-time edits on rejected claims and resubmit within minutes. Streamline denials with pre-populated appeal letters.


Help increase collections by providing patients with easy-to-understand estimates of their payment responsibility, along with multiple payment options, before they leave the office.


Gain insights into practice performance with advanced reporting capabilities, to help identify problematic trends before they negatively impact practice profitability.

Streamline Revenue Cycle Management Workflows


Patient access and eligibility

  • Access the information you need via connectivity to 2,100 payers. Run batches of requests overnight for the next day’s roster, or obtain information in real-time during the check-in process to help reduce the risk of rejected or denied claims.
  • Estimate the patient’s share of the total cost of the bill with 90% accuracy. Patients appreciate the cost transparency, and estimates enable you to request both the co-pay and out-of-pocket deductible at the point of service.
  • Streamline management of patient payments by integrating all collections, whether they are made at the point-of-service, online, over-the-phone, or via mail.

Medical billing and claims management

  • Insuring claims are correct before submitting helps deter rejected claims and delayed reimbursements. Sort and filter claims based on 40 different data fields to easily prioritize any that require attention.
  • Easily create work queues to manage groups of claims, work one claim at a time, or save partially completed claims and flag for other users to work. And you can apply edits in real-time using our online correction tools.
  • Proactively identify gaps between submission and payment with customizable queries based on specific criteria. Simplify claims tracking by viewing ERAs matched to original claim on the same screen.

Rejections and denials management

  • Automating rejected and denied claims processes enhances staff efficiency and accuracy, helps optimize cash flow, and reduces delays in reimbursements.
  • We apply AI and machine learning technology to your practice's historical remittance data to predict which claims are likely to be denied before they are submitted to the payer.
  • Our direct connection to most practice management systems enables real-time updates. And you can work by exception to see if a claim is rejected and why, and then validate and resubmit within minutes.
  • Our Appeal Letter Library makes it easy to create custom appeal letters on demand, and you can add supporting documentation with just a click.

Revenue cycle reporting and metrics

  • Improving the efficiency of your revenue cycle begins with visibility. Uncovering the source of problematic trends, such as repeated rejections, can help you identify and implement solutions.
  • Actionable, real-time analytics backed by AI and machine learning can also help providers make more informed, proactive decisions throughout the revenue cycle process.
  • Our dashboard reports enable you to benchmark your performance and track your progress against key-performance indicators, such as the Change Healthcare Top 10 Rejected Claims report.
  • You can also customize reports to reveal your Top 10 rejected claims by each health plan. You’ll see both the number of rejections, and the messages of explanation from the payer.

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