Charge Capture Advisor

AI-infused charge capture software for providers that want to boost identification of missing charges proactively to drive efficiency, administrative savings, and revenue.

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Improve Charge Capture


Boost identification of potential missing charges with artificial intelligence


Help reduce charge leakage commonly associated with secondary procedures, administration of pharmaceuticals, interventional-cardiology services, implantable devices, and complex drugs


Help decrease time-consuming, labor-intensive manual work related to post-pay audit and rebilling/recovery


Access missing-charge predictions at any step in the claim workflow for ease of use and to facilitate completeness at each level


Gain insights via dashboards and reports, such as identifying trends with missing charges and their estimated value, to uncover root causes and drive continuous improvements


Leverage existing systems with a charge capture software solution that works alongside your current coding/claim workflows

Use AI to Identify Missing Charges and Capture Revenue


The value of our Intelligent Healthcare Network ™

  • The expansiveness of our Intelligent Healthcare Network™ enables us to create AI-infused solutions that are transforming the accuracy and efficiency of revenue cycle processes.
  • We leverage an unparalleled scope of claims data amassed from the transactions of more than 5,500 hospitals/health systems, 900,000 physicians, and 2,200 payers.
  • Our AI model is trained on more than 500 million service lines and 180 million unique, claims, which were de-identified consistent with customer contracts and applicable laws, and touch $245 billion in charges.

Our AI-infused charge capture software solution

  • Charge Capture Advisor extracts coded data for the care episode, applies the AI model, and provides predictions of missed charges in real time. The predictions can be accessed at any point in the claim workflow.
  • Predictions and estimated charge amounts are presented to staff, who can accept the charge if the appropriate documentation is available, place the claim on hold while it is researched, or deny the charge.
  • Users can prioritize claims based on service type), posting date, or estimated charge value. Data refreshes are configurable based on organizational preferences.

Analytical insights drive continuous improvement

  • Our AI model is continuously refined based on which predictions are accepted/rejected to deliver even greater accuracy over time.
  • Reporting and dashboards deliver insights on charge-capture trends, e.g., frequency of missing codes/charges within service areas and estimated value, enabling staff to investigate root causes.
  • Staff can use these insights to update charge rules and to facilitate training of clinical, coding, and billing staff. This ongoing review and analysis lead to continuous quality improvement.

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