Transfer DRG Services

A reimbursement management solution for providers that want to leverage expertise and technology to identify underpayments tied to CMS’ Post-Acute Care Transfer rule, and recover associated revenue.


MaximizeMedicare Reimbursement

  • Combine expert resources with technology to  navigate the complicated Medicare Transfer DRG billing process.
  • Successfully recover revenue associated with incorrectly paid claims. 
  • Identify more underpayments, including those missed by previous vendors.
  • Meet timely filing requirements for retrospective reviews through a comprehensive end-to-end process.

Help Ensure You Get Paid for the Services You Provide

  • Dedicated Resources Make the Difference

    Our seasoned Transfer DRG team provides consultative, high-touch customer support to help you identify more underpayments and recover revenue.

    Our comprehensive solution includes: 

    • Expanded technology-enabled approach to reviewing claims by applying expanded audit criteria
    • A multi-check verification process to identify and validate incorrectly paid claims prior to submission
    • Claims management until lost revenue is fully recovered
    • Data and insights to help you create a concurrent strategy to prevent Transfer DRG payment issues
    • In addition to helping identify more underpayments, our work also serves as documentation support for RAC audits.

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