Audit & Recovery

A payment integrity solution for payers that want to maximize overpayment recovery, reduce improper payment waste, and promote provider satisfaction.


Our OverpaymentAudit and Recovery Services

  • Maximize overpayment recoveries by leveraging our coding and claim expertise and extensive clinical and pharmaceutical knowledge to recover lost dollars due to improper payments.

  • Drive efficiency with automation tools tailored to your reimbursement policies and methodologies.

  • Maintain provider satisfaction, working collaboratively with providers to obtain their sign-off on payment recoveries on claim audits while promoting maximum recoveries.
  • Reduce losses with the oversight required to combat improper payments in a complex healthcare environment.

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing workflows so you can help maximize savings without interrupting current processes.

  • Mitigate future risk and exposure with the ability to address a full spectrum of claim types.

Deliver Clear and Concise Audit Rationale

  • Diversified audit portfolio

    • Select from several audits including DRG, Hospital Charge, Hospital Billing Validation, Contractual Carve Out Recovery, and Contract Compliance to verify diagnosis and procedure codes, services rendered, and improper payments.
    • Support sequencing in accordance with national coding standards, perform clinical review, and use powerful data analysis and screening to compare to policy and contractual terms.
    • Review complex medical records and control rising costs associated with reimbursement and help minimize provider appeals.
  • Provider-friendly flexible approach

    • Leverage a customizable audit program tailored to specific payer reimbursement policies to help produce optimal results.
    • Access to a web portal, and ability to request on-site, or remote audits.
    • Obtain a signed agreement from the facility or provider verifying acceptance of the audit.
  • Experienced audit professionals

    • Take advantage our audit team’s exceptional level of audit expertise, professionalism, and accuracy.
    • Have confidence in our 20+ years of delivering accurate audits with concise and defensible audit rationale in over 6,500 US hospitals.
    • Depend on our staff auditors who average 15 years of coding experience, are each AHIMA certified, and undergo quarterly quality assurance reviews with strict adherence to national coding guidelines.

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