Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer™

A scalable, zero-footprint universal viewer platform for providers that want anytime, anywhere access to relevant imaging data, enabling a unified view of patient history.


What's included

  • Interactive view of patient’s complete clinical history

    • Facilitate quick treatment decisions, diagnoses, and seamless disease tracking
    • Provide each clinical role with tailored user experiences and default views
    • View the patient’s complete history via a navigable timeline
    • Focus on a clinical condition or anatomy with one-click visualizations and drill-down details
  • Responsive performance with diagnostic-quality images

    • Provide clinicians with a responsive user experience via hybrid rendering
    • Help ensure rapid delivery of diagnostic, full-fidelity images for secondary image interpretation
    • Give physicians immediate clinical value in the fewest number of clicks
    • Speed clinical decision-making with view of the patient’s longitudinal record
    • Obtain information quickly with smart filters and one-click manipulation and measurement tools
  • 24/7 Access on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Devices

    • Get anytime, anywhere access for both report-focused and image-focused clinicians
    • Launch directly from your EMR, or access via login on supported web browsers
    • Enable rapid access to imaging results with tablet touchscreen features and desktop right-control menus

6features to enable fast clinical insights

Doctor looking at images on 2 computer screens

Access patient imaging data

Improve patient consultations by accessing complete imaging data via mobile devices, and get diagnostic-quality imaging on a workstation. 

Computer screen with medical images

Save time with meaningfully aligned content

See the complete patient story by using Change Healthcare Enterprise Viewer StoryView™ solutions, which summarizes key images and findings from the patient’s exam history in narrative form. 

Medical images on computer screens

Increase data accessibility

Get anywhere, anytime access to all available data by using DICOMweb and optimized connections to multiple data sources, as well as data repositories and your EHR.

Doctor pointing to a tablet

Grow your enterprise imaging strategy

Help advance patient care and facilitate quick treatment decisions by relying on a universal viewer capable of fast data consumption and common-sense data presentation.

x-ray on tablet

Maximize user performance

Conserve server resources by using hybrid rendering technology, which combines server- and client-side processing for optimal performance.

Doctor looking at computer screen

Control costs and minimize complexity

Save money and simplify workflow by using a single, scalable medical image viewer for all users, specialties, and data sources.

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