Providers under pressure:
3 key trends shaping the revenue cycle in 2024 and beyond


Provider RCM operations face critical risks, and converging forces make it increasingly difficult to generate and sustain positive, predictable cash flow. Discover how 3 major trends — patient consumerism, complex regulatory compliance and workforce shortages — are impacting RCM leaders in 2024 and beyond. Learn strategies to overcome these challenges while improving the patient experience and financial outcomes.

Download the guide to explore 3 trends facing revenue cycle leaders in 2024 and how using one strategic partner with a unified end-to-end RCM strategy can help you overcome these challenges.

Learn how:

  • Solutions that include patient-facing, digital tools integrated with provider workflow components foster a seamless patient journey and tangible operational gains
  • Next-generation automation can help hospitals ease staffing shortages, reduce denials and accelerate cash flow
  • Automated, accurate cost estimates help providers respond to government regulations while improving the patient financial experience

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