Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo™

Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo™ is the image and information management solution for cardiovascular service lines that want to improve clinical decision-making while saving time and money with echo reporting.

What’s included in Change Healthcare Cardiology Echo

  • A consolidated solution

    • Review stress echo images alongside ECG data
    • Help create complete stress echo reports with Cardiology ECG Management
    • Get DICOM Structured Reporting
    • Features ultrasound machine measurements imported and prepopulated to the report
    • Sentences are automatically generated based on ASE guidelines
    • Complete imaging and reporting support for transthoracic, transesophageal, and stress echocardiology
    • Built on a single database CVIS (Change Healthcare Cardiology) allowing for easy expansion to support your entire cardiovascular service line
  • Advanced reporting features

    • Customized report templates per facility
    • Improve staff satisfaction with PDF customizations
    • Extensive offline vendor-neutral measurement and image manipulation tools
    • Includes advanced visualization solutions for 3D/4D echo
    • Same measurement tools can be used for carts from multiple vendors
    • Fast, accurate report creation driven by pre-defined sentences
    • Includes the ability to carry forward findings from a previous report
    • Automatic statements generated based on measurement values
    • Dynamically populate multiple sections of the report with a single click
  • Improved clinical workflow

    • An intuitive workflow mimics the physician’s thought processes throughout patient diagnosis
    • Supports efficient clinical analysis
    • Flattened data display only shows physicians relevant data points at each step, speeding diagnosis
    • More efficient workflow for pediatric and fetal echocardiograms
    • Latest ASE/BSE clinical measurements and Boston Z-score formulas
    • Updated disease library
  • Best-practice cybersecurity

    • Authorization mechanism offers advanced control over which users can access various system functions
    • All activity is fully traceable
    • We use industry best-practices for product development, design, and configuration
    • We address potential security vulnerabilities during the development life cycle
    • Installation file separation between multiple hard drives helps decrease security breach risks
    • HL7 encryption means all system interfaces are secured
    • Auto-hardening helps ensure every installed or upgraded system completes full system hardening

Maximize productivityand enhance clinical decisions

CH Cardiology Echo - application screen

An echo reporting solution to help save time and money

Improve access to your images and reports by launching directly into the Cardiology Echo solution from your EMR and seamlessly transferring data and reports to your EMR. Use our echo reporting tools to streamline processes by enabling users to simultaneously view images and information anytime anywhere and sign reports electronically over the web, leading to significant time and cost savings for the department.

CH Cardiology Echo - cardiologist reviewing data

Customization tools to enhance echo reporting

Improve echocardiography workflow and maximize productivity by incorporating comprehensive 3D/4D advanced visualization solutions into a single platform solution. Easily build customized final echocardiography reports with advanced tools that auto populate multiple sections of the report and highlights out of range values.

CH Cardiology Echo - cardiologist reviewing data

A single echo reporting solution to improve workflows

Enhance clinical decision-making by providing access to aggregated data from a patient’s current and historical studies stored in one patient-centric database. Reduce IT footprint with a single platform solution that can easily support multiple facilities on a single database implementation.

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