SSI Enrollment Advocate

A consumer-centric solution for payers that want to increase revenue and member satisfaction by helping their members obtain financial assistance via Supplemental Security Income.


BoostRevenue through SSI Enrollment

  • Improve member satisfaction and loyalty by helping Medicaid-eligible members receive the valuable benefits to which they are entitled. 
  • Help increase Managed Medicaid revenue through retention and increased capitation rates attributed to SSI-eligible members.
  • Navigate the SSI environment on behalf of members, leveraging our expertise in an often- challenging and confusing area.
  • Facilitate financial security for members, adding to their monthly income and creating more secure personal circumstances which can lead to better health.
  • Empower Medicaid members through case management, increasing their knowledge while assisting them in claiming their benefits.
  • Take a data-driven, patient-centric approach to identify, reach, and assist members with obtaining SSI benefits.

An End-to-End SSI Enrollment Solution

  • Predictive analytics

    • Our market-leading healthcare data analytics capabilities offer a data-driven, patient-centric approach to identify, reach, and assist members with obtaining SSI benefits.
    • To identify eligible members, we use sources that include case management and medical director referrals, and our proprietary disability-scoring model.
    • Our disability-scoring model leverages data created by our health plan customers, particularly on member demographics and claims. This data helps us identify patients most likely eligible for SSI. 
  • Member engagement and claim submission

    • Our outreach team contacts members targeted for potential SSI advocacy via direct mail or outbound calls, with an inbound-call option available. We then work with members to understand their benefits situation.
    • We assist members determined to be disability candidates with applying for SSI benefits, submitting completed forms to the Social Security Administration and tracking them to resolution.
  • Follow-up and processing

    • Our team actively follows up with the Social Security Administration and advocates for approval of each member’s  application as it moves through the review process.
    • We only charge for services when members are approved for SSI benefits; denied applications are not invoiced.
    • We only charge for services when members are approved for SSI benefits; denied applications are not invoiced.

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