Community Connector

A service for payers who want to assess their members’ Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) needs and refer members to community-based organization(s) to provide social service program assistance. 


What’s Included in Community Connector

  • Streamlined engagement and communication channels

    • Addresses members' Social Determinants of Health needs
    • Improves member satisfaction
    • Increases member retention
  • Social Determinants of Health workflow

    • Based on industry best practices
    • Based on 15-plus years of desired outcomes
    • Multichannel assessment and communications with member opt-out capability of channel or program
  • Support from member advocates and government relations

    • Bilingual Spanish/English member advocates
    • Support that delivers a trusted experience
    • Government-relations teams in all U.S. states 

Addressindividual SDoH needs through multichannel assessment and community-based program-referrals service

Community Connector - Young woman helping elderly woman

Assess members’ SDoH needs through a customizable, multichannel assessment approach

To address SDOH needs in members’ local area, Community Connector helps reimagine how whole-person-focused services such as home environment, housing, education, access to food, and transportation can work together to improve people’s health, well-being, and quality of life. 

Community Connector - Father looking over documents with family

Assessment of member SDOH needs and referral to community-based organizations

Community Connector helps address individual SDOH needs through multichannel screening and community-based organization-referral services.

Community Connector - Nurse pushing elderly lady in wheelchair

Closed loop follow-up to ensure SDoH needs are met through multiple channels

Social Determinants of Health have a major impact on health outcomes – especially for the most vulnerable populations, potentially contributing to 80% of health outcomes. These factors must be considered when providing treatment to achieve better health outcomes in these populations, and appropriate follow-up helps ensure these SDOH needs are met.

Community Connector - Businesswoman looking at laptop

Gain insights through reporting metrics at a member and a population level

As policymakers, providers, and payers consider a more holistic approach to healthcare for patients, Community Connector’s reporting features can help. You’ll get monthly reporting at the member and population levels, plus six-month trends, a year-to-date summary, and a summary of programs utilized.

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