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Third-party liability claims management services for hospitals and health systems that want to optimize reimbursement for all accident-related medical claims.

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Accident Related Medical Claim Resolution


Ensure timely and accurate reimbursement of motor vehicle accident (MVA) and workers’ compensation claims with an onsite and back office team of professionals.


Decrease accounts receivable aging while initializing the process at the point of care, before patients are discharged.


Rely on onsite professionals to efficiently manage your MVA and worker’s compensation claims. These complex claims can burden your staff with manual processes and may be written off as bad debt.


Increase patient satisfaction by educating patients about their benefits and reducing or even eliminating their out-of-pocket expenses.


Obtain complete insurance information upfront from your patients to ensure proper documentation is filed and reimbursement is received.


Access additional reimbursement and transform complex claims into revenue. MVA and worker’s compensation claims might be a small percentage of your total claims, but they can amount to millions of dollars in additional revenue.

Streamline Accident Claims and Optimize Reimbursement


Streamline accident claim resolution

  • By collecting accident-related claims, providers can transform complex claims into revenue. Our Third-Party Coverage Services manage reimbursement from accident claims, including MVA and workers’ compensation.
  • Our team of professionals manages all aspects of your MVA and workers’ compensation claims from initial outreach to following up to ensure claims are resolved.
  • Our onsite staff manages the day-to-day workflows of medical claims, capturing referrals early on and interviewing eligible patients before discharge to ensure proper documentation is filed.
  • Ensure proper payment and appeal through underpayment reviews and optimize reimbursement on usual, customary, and reasonable (UCR) claims.

Decrease accounts receivable aging

  • Third-Party Coverage Services support the effective resolution of complex claims and help you overcome the challenges of state and federal regulations, legal situations, and health insurance complexities.
  • Our onsite and back-office teams manage your accident-related claims at the point of care to decrease cycle time.
  • Expert patient liaisons obtain all the patient’s insurance information at the front end and manage the manual billing process to ensure compliance with carrier regulations.

Increase patient satisfaction

  • Our onsite team educates patients about their benefits and can reduce or even eliminate their out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring you receive accurate and full reimbursement.
  • Third-Party Coverage Services uses onsite professionals and back-office teams to handle patient interviews, documentation, investigations, billing, and claims management.
  • Our product allows you to provide a single point of contact to your patients involved in accidents to help reduce their medical expenses and answer all inquiries.

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