Payment Network Advocate

A healthcare payments network for payers who want to cut distribution costs by increasing electronic payments and consolidating printing.


4features to reduce provider payment costs

Lower administrative burdens

Save time and money by eliminating manual processes.

Help decrease postage and print costs

Boost operational efficiency by combining multiple payments and participating in our postage cooperative.

Drive adoption of electronic payments

Go digital with a broad selection of electronic payment options through a single platform.

Choose the most cost-effective payment channel

Determine how to best make payments by using preference-based intelligent payment analytics.

What's included

  • Multiple electronic payment modalities

    • One network for claims, payments, and ERA
    • Support for ACH payments on multiple networks
    • Virtual card payments
    • Direct payments
    • Continuous optimization through analytics
  • Cost-effective print and email fulfillment

    • Combine payments for multiple members
    • Consolidate printed correspondence
    • Leverage the nation’s largest healthcare postage co-op

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