Rx Cost Savings Advocate

A custom Rx claims routing solution that reduces costs for patients, payers, PBMs, and pharmacies by automating claims workflows.

Reduced pharmacy costsfor a better healthcare system

Third party web services

Our system allows a third-party vendor to intercede on the transaction within the pharmacy claims adjudication process. These interventions are allowed during pre- and post-adjudication.

Suspend and reroute

Third-party vendors can intervene on a transaction initially submitted by a pharmacy by suspending this transaction and submitting a rerouted transaction in its place based on obtaining a better price for the patient.

Processor intelligent routing

Our intelligent system allows a third-party vendor can take action on a transaction without directly receiving the request. In this instance, the vendor shares with CHC their routing rules and CHC PPE makes the update to the BIN/PCN on the transaction.

Save time and resources

Incorporating complex routing logic directly into the claims processing workflow automates manual processes for pharmacies, reduces unnecessary expenditures, and saves time and resources.

What’s included in Rx Cost Savings Advocate

  • Simplify pharmacy claims routing

    • Increase medication adherence
    • Reduce out-of-pocket price for patients
    • Automate manual processes
    • Reduce health plan and expenditures
    • Enrich the patient experience
    • Simplify the pharmacy claims routing system
  • Intelligent claims processing

    • Obtain lowest prescription pricing
    • Efficient third-party web service
    • Suspend and reroute transactions
    • Intelligently redirect claims submissions
    • Save time and resources
Resources and Brochures
  • Fact Sheet
    Rx Cost Savings Advocate Overview

    Rx Cost Savings Advocate is a custom claims routing solution that provides unique value to a variety of audiences within the pharmacy space. This document provides an overview of what Rx Cost Savings Advocate does as well as how it can be of value to your business.

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