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Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work tirelessly to inspire a better healthcare system. As the role of pharmacists expands, Change Healthcare works to partner with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to provide support through optimizing operations and improving results with a comprehensive suite of technological pharmacy solutions.

Partnering wth Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians to Inspire a Better Healthcare System

Pharmacists are an integral part of community healthcare, and some even claim pharmacists should be recoginized as critical public health infrastructure. There is no doubt that pharmacists proved their value during the COVID-19 pandemic, stepping up to administer more than 40% of all COVID vaccinations delivered in the U.S. Pharmacists are one of the most acessible healthcare providers as well, with 90% of Americans living within five miles of a retail pharmacy. 

Federal and state governments are beginning to leverage the profession, working to pass legislation to allow pharmacists to practice at the top of their license, legally codifing what they were already trained to do. This has included measures such as the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act— allowing pharmacists to administer monkeypox vaccines—and nine states that have all recently expanded their scope of practice acts for pharmacists.

Nontraditional pharmacy careers

Although the traditional pharmacist role has and continues to expand, the opportunities for nontraditional pharmacy careers have also increased. Many pharmacists are no longer “behind the counter” and are working from home, holding roles in governmental affairs, public policy, managed care, clinical outcomes, quality research, product sales, software development, and business strategy. Change Healthcare employs many pharmacists—holding some of these exact roles—who use their vast clinical and operations experience to create and enhance the products and services we provide.  

“The retail pharmacist in me still lives strong and helps add a great deal of perspective,” said Marc Allgood, vice president and general manager of Pharmacy Software Solutions at Change Healthcare. “In my role, I would say being a pharmacist is a huge plus. I know the struggles and challenges that face the pharmacist and can relate to the ‘opportunities’ they face each day. It’s there that we use our talents and creativity to work collaboratively with others who complement our skillset with their own and help deliver truly remarkable products and services.”

As the role of pharmacists continue to evolve and expand, we understand how critical it is to have team members who understand the challenges pharmacists encounter and offer solutions for efficiencies.

“When working with pharmacists, I understand the situation, workflow, and business impact. I have worked in pharmacies, so the points of pain are very clear. This perspective allows me to articulate the urgency to internal partners regarding the client’s specific need or issue. Finally, having held many roles as a pharmacist allows me to leverage those perspectives to prognosticate market evolution. Helping the team focus on opportunities for new solutions is something I thoroughly enjoy,said Kathryn Harris-Stephens, vice president of sales and account management of Pharmacy Network Solutions at Change Healthcare.

Change Healthcare pharmacists by the numbers

Change Healthcare is very proud to be the employer of so many pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  During a recent survey of the Pharmacy Solutions unit of Change Healthcare, we discovered that six pharmacists and 28 pharmacy technicians are currently employed by Change Healthcare. This represents 148 years of pharmacist experience and 297 years of pharmacy technician experience across 20+ healthcare products. Additional pharmacy experience was also tabulated to include 33 cashiers, managers, supervisors, and other business support personnel, with a total of 83 years of service. 

This expertise is what helps drive innovation across our pharmacy solutions. “My family has always been in healthcare. Along the way, I learned that I really enjoy being involved in providing technology solutions that help drive better healthcare. Providing the right technology solution can have a huge impact on patient care,” said John Foss, senior vice president and general manager of Pharmacy Network and Clinical Exchange at Change Healthcare.

We’re always looking to add to our team of skilled pharmacists to partner with us in inspiring a better healthcare system. Get in touch to learn more about pharmacy careers at Change Healthcare.

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